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Alternative Pest Control provides pest control for Jacksonville, FL. We provide cockroach extermination, termite extermination, ant extermination and bed bug extermination. Termites can cause serious damage to your house. It is important to have them exterminated as quickly as possible. Please call us if you have a pest problem.

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A bug infestation problem is not just an inconvenience and health hazard to you and your family; it can actually reduce the value of your home quite drastically. There is no doubt that dealing with the issue quickly, efficiently and effectively should be your top priority. Thankfully, you can always call us and leave your bug troubles to our team of experts at Alternative Pest Control.

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Maybe you have family members with allergies to specific pest elimination products, or you do not want a particular type of pest control technique being employed. No matter what your concerns or needs are, just talk to us about them, and we will work around them without compromising the quality of our service or effectiveness of our solutions. Looking for do-it-yourself pest control options? We can help you with those too. Whatever you need, at Alternative Pest Control we have the answers you seek.

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When you call in a pest control company, you want to be able to rely on them completely to give you the best, most effective solutions for your pest problems. There are situations when you are not even sure if you do have a bug infestation or what type of pests are invading your home. Since we opened for business in 1992, we have carried out pest control and bug prevention in innumerable homes like yours with impeccable results. We bring all our expertise and experience to the table when we create solutions for you.


As a family owned and operated business, we have control over every aspect of our business, and this is the reason we are able to maintain the highest standards when it comes to service, quality, and efficiency. If you are facing trouble with any kind of bugs or pests in your home, give your friendly Alternative Pest Control professionals a call right now at 904-725-8131. Talk to us about your needs, learn more about do-it-yourself pest control from your friendly neighborhood pest control company or just leave it all to our capable professionals.

Give us a call today and you can forget all about pests that infest your home.

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